Wordless Wednesday: Scary Kimchi Edition


Wordless Wednesday: Scary Kimchi Edition

Apparently, this is what happens when you open this jar of Kimchi – I know it says vegan on it, but I swear it is alive!


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2 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Scary Kimchi Edition

  1. OMG! THAT’S JUST TOO CREEPY!!! hahahaha! Thanks for sharing… I needed something to make me livin’ up a bit. It was so nice out before with the sun shining and now it’s gray and dark and it rained, but it stopped and the birds are chirping and I’m starting to wake up a bit. hahahaha That rain wore me down and I was dozing believe it or not, but I did leave the windows open. I love fresh air AND I also put our pillows in the window so when I put my head on t he pillow at night and that first coosh is fresh air up my nose I LOVE IT! Try it! You’ll like it! Have a great day my friend and thanks for stopping by! hugs

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