Why We Need to Focus on Kindness Now More Than Ever

Kindness, Love, Positive thinking

If you have been online, turned on the television or read a newspaper this morning, you are surely aware of the
mass shooting in Orlando, Florida last night.
I will not go into the details, only that I am deeply feeling for the families involved, and am sending light and
hope into their direction.

Kindness, positive living, and being mindful of each other has never been needed as much as right now. These continuous senseless acts showcase the disturbing trends of hatred, bigotry, racism and discord, and in order to overcome it,  we do not need to fight fire with fire, but embrace those close to us, and teach positivity.

It is our choice to continue to act like this, or make a change. It is our choice to teach our fellow human beings how
to respectfully treat one another. It is our choice to embrace those who are different as if there was no difference.

It is also our choice to demand mental health awareness and treatment before we lose another loved one.

We have failed, miserably, that is evident that we no longer treat each other with love and kindness, and instead with
senseless violence.

The good thing is, that we have the power to fix it. And it starts right in your own home.

Take on the responsibility to spread kindness, love, mindfulness and positive living now.

Be blessed


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