4 Reasons Why You Should Get Pet Insurance


My dogs and cats – all of them rescues – are a huge part of our family. Their health and well-being is as important to us, as any other member of this clan. Protecting them – at times, that means, protecting them from themselves, is not something that we take lightly.

You may have insurance for your home, your possessions, your car, and your health. But have you considered how you’ll pay for veterinary care for the furry members of your household? Pet insurance provides many benefits for your pet’s health and your own finances.

Why to get pet insuranceChoice of vet

With a pet insurance policy, you don’t need to worry about your vet being out-of-network. Instead, you can take your pet to any licensed veterinary clinic, even if you’re away from home. Just send the bill to your insurer and they’ll reimburse you based on the policy you purchased.

Breed and age don’t matter

Pet insurers don’t deny coverage based on your pet’s age or breed. However, pre-existing conditions could result in your application being rejected. Insuring your pet when he or she is young and healthy can help keep premiums down and ensure your pet can get coverage.

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Budget your pet care costs in advance

Pet insurance offers a predictable way to budget for your pet’s health care. Policies can be paid monthly, every 6 months, or once a year–whatever works for you. Most insurers even offer multi-pet discounts!

Reasons To Get Pet InsuranceProtect against unexpected expenses

Insurance is one way to protect against unexpected costs. Without pet insurance, you could be faced with surprise expenses if your pet falls ill or gets injured. An unexpected vet visit could be a serious financial burden, cutting into your savings or even sending you into debt. With pet insurance, you can be reimbursed for covered expenses within five to fourteen business days.

Worry less

Many pet owners put off taking their pet to the vet, hoping the condition will improve even while they fear it won’t. With pet insurance, your overall expense is reduced, making costs less worrisome. Most policies reimburse 80% or more of vet costs. You don’t want your pet to suffer injury or illness. But should something happen, pet insurance offers financial protection to help you take care of your pet

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