What Is The Amazon Dash Wand – And Why You Should Get One

Yesterday, I have finally received the well-promoted, yet somewhat ambiguous Amazon Dash Wand and the first thing out of my kid’s mouth when it arrived was to ask, what is an Amazon Dash Wand, and why do you have it?

Well, I have it because it is “free”. Not exactly free, but you pay originally 20 Dollars for the wand, and you will get a 20 Dollar credit back once you activated it within the Amazon app (smartphone or tablet is necessary to work the wand). As a Prime member – and this is still a Prime member exclusive object – and someone who uses PrimeNow to buy everything from toilet paper to potatoes, spending 20 Dollars was not a problem. I would do that anyway on any given day.

What Is The Amazon Dash Wand Exactly?

It is the logical evolution to what used to be Amazon Dash buttons. Simply put, you can the barcode on the item you would like to order, and the wand will add it to your shopping cart. You can also hold the button on the wand down and speak your order into it – either saying the product name, and it will be added to your cart, or saying buy now, and it will purchase it for you directly.

Here is a short video from Amazon that showcases the usage.

6 Reasons Why I think you should get an Amazon Dash Wand:


1. it is free, as I explained above for Prime members.
2. If you are lucky enough to live in an area with Amazon Fresh (which I am not), you can use it to order all of your groceries.
I am still stuck with ordering from WholeFood via Instacart – but now that Amazon bought WholeFoods this might chance rather rapidly.
3. You don’t have to look for the item by typing it into the search bar. It is a lot easier to just scan the dog food (which is what
I tried it out on), then looking for the particular brand that my spoiled little darlings enjoy. I love how that saves me time!
4. It is easy to set up. While the first model was apparently hard to initially set up, it took me only a few minutes to get started,
and what took the longest was waiting for the app to download.
5. I can stick it to the fridge. It has a very strong magnet built within, so while you can either throw it in a drawer or hang it on
the white hook that also comes with it, I suggest to just stick it to the fridge. At least that is where I am going to keep it. Now, if you
have younger children, you might want to keep it away from them, because they might just start scanning everything they can get their
hands on. Not exactly good for your wallet.
6. It is very responsive, both to the voice command and as a scanner. Everything I scanned so far, and I tried it out on refrigerated
items, as well as the above-mentioned dog food, and it has not failed me yet. Again, this had been a problem with the previous model
but it is not anymore.

What I don’t like about the Amazon Dash Wand


It does not pair with Amazon’s PrimeNow feature, when I scan the item, I have to use the voice command instead, which is a slight pain. Because I do my bulk of ordering via the PrimeNow service, I would like for it to work there as well as it works for Amazon Fresh. Because Amazon Fresh is available only in limited markets, even more limited than PrimeNow, it is a bummer.  It would be a lot easier to be able to simply scan it into my cart, as I can do with the regular Amazon shopping.

What other features does the Amazon Dash Wand have?


Because it comes with Alexa – even if it is in a limited capacity – it can tell you the time, the weather, and convert measurements, which is awesome. It also has a calculator, and it can search for recipes for you, and send it to your smartphone. Another time-saving
aspect I really like.

What If You Don’t Have An Amazon Prime Membership? 

If you don’t have a prime membership yet, then I have a pretty good deal for you. As you might already know, Amazon offers a free 30 Day trial membership, which includes all membership benefits. Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial

But if you sign up through the Ibotta app – which is a savings app for your phone – you can get 20 Dollars of your new prime membership.

On top of that, if you are not already an Ibotta member, you get a 10 Dollar sign up bonus, if you use my referral code (enter: linspgx to receive your 10 Dollar bonus!). Ibotta will transfer any saving amount over 20 Dollars into your Paypal account within 24 hours (on average) after you requested it sent to you. Their app is available on Android and iOS devices.

So, if you choose to combine the offers from Ibotta with the free month that Amazon already covers, you have a very nice deal!

Have an awesome day!




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    1. I was surprised when I found out about it as well. I am not a fan of the dash buttons, but I love my Wand. Blessings!

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