What In The World Is Umckaloabo And How Do You Use It?

Now that we are in the middle of winter, and are often plagued with cold and flu symptoms, alternative medicine is often the first thing we grab for, making all of our lives a little more comfortable. One of the not so commonly used plants in the US – while often used in Europe –  for this is the South African Umckaloabo.


Charles Stevens brought a concoction of this plant’s root with him from South Africa in 1897, after looking for a cure for Tuberculosis, after which a homeopathic version was developed, which aided in the healing of more than 800 people in Switzerland in 1920. After that, interest in the root of this plant was developed, and further research was done.

What Part Is Used

Root only

Health Benefits

Umckaloabo is used to treat cold, and flu symptoms, such as a sore throat, cough, and minor respiratory problems. Transformed into a syrup or as a homeopathic remedy this root has anti-bacterial properties, preventing bacteria from sticking to the mucous membrane. It cuts down the ailment duration as well, as long as it is taken as early as possible for the duration of the cold or flu.

Potential Side Effects

People with kidney problems or those who use Warfarin should not take this herb. The same goes for people with liver disease, and those who suffer from Asthma.  Also, if you have allergies to any plant in the  Geraniaceae family, this plant is also not for you.

How to use it

This herb is available as extract, tincture, lozenges, syrup and as tablets on Amazon, and other retailers. Refer to the individual product for dosage.
What type of herbal medicine to you use to combat cold and flu symptoms? Leave your answer in the comment section below!
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