Weekend Musing: Avoid Burnout

Weekend Musing: Avoid Burnout

Finally, it is the  weekend, so for many of us who work in a “regular” job, this is the time to relax, or do what you are actually want to do all week long.  But for those of us with children, or who have your own business – whether from home or not – the weekend is the time where we get all of our work done. And no time for ourselves.

In order to avoid burnout, however, we need to make sure that self-care is a priority. No matter how much you want to achieve your goals, and no matter how great your motivation, even the most energetic and healthy person has his or  her limits.

Weekend Musing: Avoid BurnoutDeveloping a self-care routine, as well as some time, that is dedicated just for relaxation is essential for your future
success. Going after your goals is a marathon, and not a sprint, therefore cultivating your endurance is a must.

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Here are some quick tips on how to avoid burnout:

1. Schedule your self-care times with the same determination you schedule any other appointments and stick to them. Don’t just put exercise or a weekly massage on your to-do-list, only to ignore it afterwards. Make these times sacred.
2. Enlist help. Do not wait until you on the brink of exhaustion to ask for help. Delegate, and make your needs clear to those around you beforehand so that they take your time as seriously, as you should.
Weekend Musing: Avoid Burnout3. Do something you like, not just what you should. So you love watching movies, but you also should be adding more exercise into your life. Self-care is not just about your exercise and health regime, but also about taking care of your mental state. So indulge – every once in a while – in an activity, that is for pure entertainment, such as watching a movie or reading a romance novel. Not everything has to be done with a single-minded goal as its purpose.
4. Do not allow others to talk you out of your self-care routine. No matter how much guilt or pressure you get from family or loved ones, your needs need to be met as well. Family members might not understand your need for a break, but that does not matter. Stick to your decisions, and do not allow anyone to walk all over your time, and schedule, including your time for yourself.
I hope these tips have helped you a little bit. I know I had to learn some of them the hard way, but once I started implementing them, my life became a lot more harmonious. My mood improved, and therefore everyone around me began to realize the  importance for their own sake, that I would take care of myself.

Being a little selfish is sometimes the best gift you can give your family and loved ones.



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