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Twitter Fiction

I @homeschoolwitch (you can call me Claudia) am going to take the plunge into the dark abyss called Twitter Fiction Festival going on from March 12th till March 16. Now that was an impulse decision, but I have been fascinated with twitter fiction for a while now, not quite sure if I could write an entire story on such a small space. Just like with Flash Fiction, I thought jumping right into the midst of it would be the best way to go.

That decision already brought me to some wonderful participants (and a lot more people to follow on twitter) whom from tomorrow on will be posting stories and visual projects all over twitter. It will be heaven for those who want to enrich their twitter feeds with interesting and thought provoking content. People are planning to write horror stories, and romances, the weird and wacky and the serious. A dream for the lovers of the written word.

Personally, I will be using my twitter handle to create a fake breaking news channel, called the “Weird Witches News Network (WWNN)”. I am determined to bring you the best made up news since Fox.

I am going to stubbornly see this through – hoping you will join me tomorrow.

Have a wonderful day


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