A Positive Thought For The Day: True Passion

A Positive Thought For The Day- True Passion


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Does a sudden windfall change what you have been thinking about working on, and set as your personal goal? If it has, then I doubt that whatever your goal is, is your real passion.


For example, as asked at the Daily Prompt, what would you do, if you would inherit 1 million dollars today, would you change what you are doing, and what would it be? (Yes it is an adapted version of the question, but it more important then “what would you buy?”)

I would (honestly) not change what I would be doing. I would be writing on a better computer, in my own office out of my bigger home, at the location I want (LA here I come!), but I would write. It would not matter if you handed me 1 million or 1 billion, I would write. I would still write about stuff I like, and I would still make up stories.

So now I have a question for you:

Would you change your dreams and goals (I am not talking about your current job, I am talking about your passion, such as music, being a painter, teaching, whatever), if you had all of a sudden a lot of money?

If the answer is no – you are all good, keep on working on it. Good for you!

If the answer is yes – ask yourself what your real dreams are, if there would be no limitations, and everything was possible. Whatever your answer, especially if you have a reason behind why you want what you want to do, then you found your real, authentic and true passion. Start working on that. Even if it is something as small as declaring your passion to the world, or reading about it, or play a game of what if in your head.

Time to start dreaming big!

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5 thoughts on “A Positive Thought For The Day: True Passion

  1. I’m exactly like you. I’d upgrade my living arrangements, but I’d continue to write. Maybe not quite for the same reason though. I don’t enjoy writing, but it’s a challenge to become successful and I’m a perseverent and competitive person. Also, I have a psychological need to be praised, so that also adds to the determination to write books that people love. Very hard, but I refuse to give up!

    1. I can understand the need to be praised – and to use it as a motivational tool to take the needed actions – awesome, Lexa, blessings!

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