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In order to continue this months theme of productivity, and stay true to today’s BohoBerryChallenge prompt about Time Management Tools, I wanted to share with you what I use to keep myself on track. Now, I have to say, it took me a long time to get anywhere close to being organized, and even then, when I started the practice, finding the right tools for my personal practice and life was a hit and miss situation.


Finding the elusive Planner Peace alone took wading through the large menagerie of the available planner, and planner systems – which, if you are not careful, can get quite expensive. I finally found my home in a combination of tools, that fit my needs, and are flexible and forgiving enough, that I can change them in the middle, without feeling like I have wasted a planner.


Time Management Tools:


  1. My bullet journal. Personalizing a notebook that works for me – both in size and in paper quality, was the epiphany that I needed, the perfect
    bullet journal daily spread

    An example of my daily spread in my bullet journal

    fit, and ultimately the most personalized system I have ever experienced. I love that I can design my own pages, make layouts as big or little as I want them, have pages I will actually use, rather than pages that don’t fit anything I do every day, and that I can decorate, or not decorate, depending on my mood. All that without spending a lot of money, essentially with what I already had in the house – such as my trusty Staedtler Fineliners (which I don’t just love because they are awesome, because of ages ago, my mother worked temporarily for the company in Germany – I am loyal like that).

  2. Evernote Reminders: Evernote might not be what you would think of when it comes to time management tools, but my list is going to get even more out there in a moment, so bare with me. Evernote has this amazing feature that allows you to add reminders to your notes, so I can write book review drafts, and other time sensitive posts, without worrying about forgetting about them, until it is too late. I love that peace of mind.
  3. TimeBlocks app. Linked to all of my calendars (Google as well as MSN – which holds my editorial calendar), TimeBlocks is all of my appointments and schedules on the go. I love that if I add an important date on my calendar via the Kindle or my computer, I will have it listed on my TimeBlocks app within seconds. I also love that I can use it for a brain dump to do list – because I usually will remember something to put on that list when I am nowhere close to my bullet journal or the computer. My favorite part is that it is free.
  4. the plank spaces are not free time, they are simply non-scheduled work time

    Law of Attraction planner. I use this planner to see what times I have available throughout the week to accept additional appointments, my set in stone morning and evening routines, or when I am expecting a delivery. I also use it to create time blocks that are set aside for the already scheduled work. I love the fact that it also has a habit tracker, which again, is one less thing I have to remember to create.

  5. Fitbit alert. This is one of the weirder tools I use, that are usually not meant for time management, but I nevertheless use as such. I use the alarm setting as an alarm in the morning, as well as the reminder setting to give me a nudge to put down my work, and settle down, before bedtime. Even though I have a pretty solid evening routine in place, sometimes I can get really involved in a project and forget to look that the time. And without proper sleep, I will not be productive the next day. It’s my perfect motivator, sleep tracker, step counter and occasional anxiety-remover all in one (the Fitbit Charge 2 has a deep breathing tool, I sometimes use to combine anxiety)
  6. Alexa. My Echo Dot has become my braindump as well as a time management tool. In order to not to neglect our home, I clean in 15-minute intervals throughout the day, using the Echo Dot to set an Alexa timer to keep track of it, without having to pull out the phone, and manually setting a timer. I simply talk to the Echo Dot, and she will keep track of the time for me. I also use her to add things to my shopping list, as I run out, or add things to the to-do-list, if I am in the middle of doing something that requires the use of my hands. I love that so much! Also, I can have her set reminders throughout the day so that I can be alerted whenever I need to shift gear. I love reminders because they allow me to dive deep into a subject or work project without having to worry about keeping an eye on the time. The Echo Dot will simply set off an alarm when it is time for me to shift gears.


What are your favorite tools for time management? Do you use some of the more out of the ordinary tools like I do, or do you stick with something more traditional? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!


Happy Planning!


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