The Smart Girl's Guide To Getting What You Want – A Review

A Smart Girls Guide - Review

Title: The Smart Girl’s Guide to Getting What You Want: How to be assertive with wit, style and grace
Author: Mary Hartley
Publisher: Watkins Publishing
Release Date: April 22, 2014
Rating: 5/5
The Smart Girl’s Guide to Getting What You Want, is an interesting and practical self-help book for the girl who needs more self-confidence and assertiveness.
Considering that I have never been someone lacking the latter (I always speak my mind, and learned early to fight for what I believe in), it is refreshing to see a book who is attempting to teach exactly that. Not everyone is automatically an assertive person, and often have I seen people with these types of personalities run over by a boss, a relative, a spouse.
This book does a fine job teaching how to overcome that, making sure to distinguish between being aggressive and assertive, which is, in my opinion, important.
This volume contains practical advice such as using tone of voice, posture and body language not only to your advantage, but also to recognize other peoples behavior patterns. Learning how to give and more importantly accept a compliment is another thing rarely taught, but shared here.
Overall I think this book is one of the better and more practical self-help books of late.
If you are in need of more assertiveness, this is the book for you.

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