The Becoming Of A New Age (Exerpt of the World Walker Series)

The following is an expert of The World Walker Series – An Urban Fantasy Series, that centers around a fictional Southern California Town. Enjoy!


Becoming Of A New Age

“Change is coming.”

“Change is already here.”

“My Lady.” The room fell silent as they bowed toward the beautiful red head entering the room.

“Stop this, at once! I have told you, I do not need these accolades!. I am one of you. Treat me as such, already!”

The teenagers raised quicker then the three middle aged people, a woman and two men, dressed in jeans and T-Shirt, not unlike them.

“What did you mean, my… I am sorry, Terressa. What do you mean, it is already here. There are no signs, yet, just a tension in the air.”

“You just do not know where to look. And these” – she motioned her head at the group of adults – “are too afraid to teach you. Afraid that the others can sense that you have grown into your abilities.”

“I have always been able to see the dead people!”, Gil, the youngest of the four announced proudly.

“Of course you have dear. There is a difference between having a gift, and mastering it.”

“I am sorry, but you did not answer the question.”

“And no I am not trying to avoid it.”

Gil’s older brother lowered his gaze.

“Do not do this. Do not cower or bow. If we are going to win that war that is beginning to rage, we have no choice but to teach you better then tradition, rank and submission.” She paused, and placed her hand gently on is shoulder, as another girl frowned.

“You are not wearing your rings. You never NOT wear your rings!”

Smiling, Teressa turned toward her.

“No more rank, no more separation, remember that, Fae.” Turning back toward the boy, she lowered her voice.

“The Humans with Magic have become restless, and the Powers are surfacing. there will not be much time left until we will be called upon to aid in The Conflict, as it written.”

“Are things always as they are written, isn’t there choice?”

“You are smart to ask that question, dear Gil. The Elders want you to believe there is only fate, only destiny. I have traveled, studied and communed with the Gods and the Others. Truth is, fate only happens when no action against it, is taken. We have no more choice, but to act, if we want to survive, and not disappear, as other Spirit People have. I will not leave the fate of my people, of you in the hands of those who are scared. Now come closer to the hearth. The crows speak of a cold night to come, and you should warm yourself, before you go back to your homes.”

Copyright Claudia H. Blanton 2014

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