Teach Your Kids The Lost Art Of Writing Thank You Notes

A part of raising a mindful and grateful child is to give them the opportunity to express their gratitude toward someone on a regular basis. I am a big believer that one does not need a special occasion, or having been given a gift to write a Thank You note, and sending them simply because you want to connect is a fun way for children to stay in touch with friends or family members that don’t live in close proximity.
Here are some tips on how to make this new habit a fun-filled experience, so that you do not have to remind them of the importance of the process.
  1. Keep small, colorful cards available at all times. Fun looking, yet simple cards, made out of folded card stock are best for this. Do not use purchased, pre-written cards, as that will not only get expensive quite fast but also defeats the purpose of being creative and personal.

  2. Do not expect perfection. Kids cards will be messy and include bad handwriting as well as some misspelled words. That should not be criticized at any point during the process. In order to make it fun, allow the kid to express themselves in their own way. Those are usually the cards that are kept for the longest time by the recipient.
  3. Have a lot of glitter and stickers handy. Some kids prefer to draw, but others prefer colorful and fun stickers. A variety of them, available at discount stores and Walmart, is probably the best option to keep the cost down, but to make sure that they can be used as liberally as desired.
Expressing gratitude toward those we love can be a lot of fun even for younger children. If this habit is introduced properly, it will become a natural habit that will last.

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2 thoughts on “Teach Your Kids The Lost Art Of Writing Thank You Notes

  1. I feel that it is wonderful that children learn to write their own thank you card. Being grateful should be part of our culture. Not only does it create a good social environment among friends, family, relatives, and other aquaintances, it also helps people get themselves back on their feet in the future. The reason I say that is because learning to be grateful helps realizing the amount of good things that are happening around you which helps you overcome depressing times and obstacles. Besides, having children learn to create things with their own hands will also stimulate their creativity and sense of accomplishment. When my baby daughter grows out of her diapers, I will also her teach some of the stuff you mentioned here too. Thank you very much. By the way, do you know five minute crafts? They are pretty cool and fun too.

    1. sounds like you are an awesome parent already. No, I have not heard of five minute crafts. I will check it out though – sounds really good. Blessings


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