Tea Leaf Reading Symbol Dictionary: Letter Y

Tea Leaf Reading Symbols Letter Y

Hi, and welcome back. I am sharing with you today the letter Y of our tea leaf reading symbol dictionary. I hope you had fun during this series and learned a lot about tea and tea leaf reading. As I mentioned yesterday, I am working on a book about the subject, and will share with you more information about that soon.

But not before sharing with you a picture of one of my adorable rescue dogs, Athena. She was posing for me this morning, which in her case is rare. She is usually rather camera shy. Not today:


Let me share with you today’s letter:

Letter Y:

Yacht or large boat: a symbol of wealth and financial freedom

Yew Tree: Someone is leaving you an unexpected help or fortune. A better position is offered to you.


Wishing you a fiercely independent day




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2 thoughts on “Tea Leaf Reading Symbol Dictionary: Letter Y

  1. Your dog’s a cutie! If I get the yacht or yew tree in my tea leaves it means I have a fortune in my future? Wow – where do I sign up for those tea leaves? LOL! Have a great weekend!

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