Writing Challenges: Why We Love WritingChallenge.org And Why You Should Too

Are you a writer? Then, you – most likely – know how hard it is to carve time away from life to dedicate to your craft. Commitment to your dream conflicts with your responsibilities, and sometimes a little extra motivation could be beneficial to move from wanting to write that book, to actually writing that …

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Monday Motivation – 5 Quotes To Inspire

I always enjoy positive quotes for a quick pick me up, or a way to get me back on track, when I am feeling overwhelmed. Quotes seem to hold within them wisdom I sometimes can not conjure, and it feels good knowing there is a resource always available that I can fall back on. I …

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Enveloped – A Haiku

refuge from the cruel worldly pain can not reach me safe in your arms at last Copyright Claudia H. Blanton 2015 This post was inspired by today’s daily prompt post “Enveloped”. The above image “Art of Affection” is by ChiaDesign¬†and is available as an art print here. Please support independent artists! Thank you!

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"Writing Challenges": 5 Reasons Why You Should Join One

Okay, I am biased about this subject, but out of good reasons. I currently run the March part of a continuously running Writing Challenge (writingchallenge.org), and I love it. But besides that it is the most fun I have had on Twitter for a while, there are real, tangible reasons, why I think, writing challenges, …

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Dream Song – A Haiku

  I dream in sweet notes the melodies dancing around me harmonic expression Copyright Claudia H. Blanton 2015 (Disclaimer: The image is by an artist named Amanda Cass, and it is available at RedBubble, of which I am an affiliate – supporting independent artist, and helping them to reach a wider audience)  

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An Unexpected Guest

“I almost forgot how much I loved cake.” “Aunt Lilly is a genius in the kitchen. You are the last person, I expected to see today.” “Why? You had a lot of visitors lately, specially since your Mother passed.” Sienna sighted. “That is true. There have not been very many moments to just be alone.” …

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