10 Ways You Can Practice “A Random Act Of Kindness”

During turbulent times – and we are surely in the middle of some very disturbing times, no matter what your viewpoint is when it comes to the political – kindness, and the spreading of it is even more needed, than ever before. It is our point of power, our way to shine, one person at …

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5 Things I Am Grateful For Right Now – A Celebrate The Small Things Blog Post

Simple Beauty – Fall Leaf Small Square Tile available on Zazzle After missing a week of posting a “Celebrate The Small Things Post”, I am glad to be back participating in the wonderful blog hop, hosted by Lexa Cain. I hope you will join us, which you can, by simply following this link. What am …

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Featured Artist Of The Week – Octavi Navarro

  Pixels Hu by Octavi Navarro features fun designs that drew me in because of the artist’s unique ability to draw from video games, and bring that inspiration to life in digital applicable art. I had a chance to connect with him over the last few days and allowed me share some insights into his work …

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Best Of Zazzle – Halloween Edition #1

  Click on the individual pictures for more information on the individual product. As always, please support independent artists! Thank you!

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Let me tell you about this dog… – A Weekend Coffee Share Post

  Coffee Time    If we were having coffee this weekend, I would welcome you, and tell you that I am relieved that my friend’s dog is okay. I was worried about the puppy all day yesterday because she is still so little (and cute), but she seems to be fine now. I would also …

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Wanelo For Print-On-Demand (POD) Creators

This post may contain affiliate links – see disclosure page for details If you are a print-on-demand creator on Zazzle, RedBubble, Society 6 and the like, you should utilize Wanelo to market your products. Wanelo stands for “want – need – love” and is simplistically stated a version of Pinterest that specializes purely in sales. …

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Best Blog For Zazzle Designers – A Sunday Blog Share

Apparently I am late to the party, but this morning I saw a hashtag trending that intrigued me: #SundayBlogShare. I find the concept of either sharing one’s own blog or sharing a blog, others might not have read before, a pretty cool idea. A few minutes later, I ran across a blog that is a huge resource for …

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Impact – A Flash Fiction

One day can change everything. I had never appreciated that sentiment until this very moment. A breath, a glance, a decision, all actions that are fleeting, but their impact felt long after, creating waves of changes not to be taken lightly. Until now, standing here, in the midst of the thick, lushious lawn, feeling simutaniously …

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Celebrate The Small Things – A Weekly Blog Post

Every week a ever-growing list of bloggers join together to celebrate what we are grateful for. This week I have chosen to make it a stand alone post – lately I have been so busy with posting other things, and writing off-line, that I smashed two blog hops together, but not today. I got side …

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Missing You

  I miss the warmth of your gaze, the fresh clarity of your eyes, as if looking at me, you could see my core. No secrets ever hid from this look, a gentle one, directed at me with such love, that even now my heart skips a beat, just thinking about its power. Within those …

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