Finding Happiness In Gratitude

  Happiness can not exist in the absence of gratitude. If you are looking for happiness, you will not find it in the search for new experiences, nor in the absence of desire. Happiness is found within the moments of appreciation, the time when we stop and express with every aspect of our being, a …

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5 Benefits of A Daily Mindfulness Practice

While many people have heard about mindfulness, most of them will never attempt to develop a mindfulness practice, because they are not aware of the many benefits it has. While that is a shame, it is completely understandable. Therefore I wanted to compile a list of 5 benefits of a mindfulness practice for you here …

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10 Journal Prompts To Start Your Year Off Right

Positive habits, like writing in our journal are a powerful way to increase happiness, reduce anxiety and to create focus. But what to write on a daily basis? While I suggest to always make a gratitude  list  a part of your daily journal routine, it does not have to, and should not be limited to …

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Wordless Wednesdays: Morning Routine

  This post is a part of the following blog hops: Happy Spring WW Wordless Wednesdays Inspire Me Wednesday Be Inspired Funky Polkadot Giraffe Dwellings Of The Heart 

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Finally – A Skin Care Product I Truly Enjoy

Disclaimer: I have received Valentia Clear Lift Revitalizing Serum free of charge, in exchange for an honest review. The following post also contains affiliate links, at no cost to you. See Disclosure page for details. Finding a skin care product I can use, that is also cruelty-free is a hassle, and often fruitless. And even …

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Hey, I Designed You A Mug – Now Fill It With This

So you purchased yourself a designer mug, supporting independent artists with your choice. Good for you. We, the creatives behind these designs thank you. But now what? It is a specialty mug, so just pouring in some darn old coffee from the grocery store would not be fitting. No way. These cups ask for something …

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Coffee – A Haiku sweet, warm deliciousness true perfection in a cup morning’s liquid gold Copyright Claudia H. Blanton 2014 Today’s daily prompt asked us, about what we are picky about, snobbish even, if you will, and for me that is my coffee. I like high quality, strong coffee, not bitter, added just enough sugar …

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