How Should We Combat Hatred? – Offering A Prayer Of Peace

This is not a post I usually write – frankly, this is not a post I want to write, because I do not want to talk about hatred, negativity and politics in this blog. But after I just heard the news that the Mother of my daughter’s boyfriend was attacked by someone using racial slurs, …

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Enveloped – A Haiku

refuge from the cruel worldly pain can not reach me safe in your arms at last Copyright Claudia H. Blanton 2015 This post was inspired by today’s daily prompt post “Enveloped”. The above image “Art of Affection” is by ChiaDesign¬†and is available as an art print here. Please support independent artists! Thank you!

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Juniper Berries – An A to Z Blogging Challenge Post

I am a little behind on the challenge this week, so I will post two times today, once more in the afternoon to get caught up. My daughter is getting ready for an out-of-state prom, and I am sending her half way across the US today. Lots of stuff had to be done. (Who thought …

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Forever – A Flash Fiction

“How could anyone ever abandon something as beautiful as her, is beyond me”, Sue sighed. “Beautiful she is, even in this condition, you are right.”, Meryl agreed. “Hopefully, as soon as she is fed, washed, and gets some rest, she will be able to find a good forever home.” The young woman smiled, at the …

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Invincible – A Daily Prompt Post

Today, Daily Prompt asked us this question: At what age did you realize you were not immortal? How did you react to that discovery? One of the aspects of being the victim of childhood abuse is, that you never have the luxury of thinking that you are invincible or immortal. You know very early on, …

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