List of Carrier Oils And Their Uses

If you are new to working with essential oils, you may have heard “Carrier Oils” mentioned, but may not be sure what that is, and which ones to use for what purpose.   This is why I wanted to take this opportunity to create a little guide so that you can use it as a …

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How To Be More Patient With Yourself And Others

If you have kids, work with others, or are in a relationship of any kind, you surely have plenty of times throughout your day, when you need to practice patience. While this is easier in some situations than others, other times, we all fail at this. When results are at stake, or appointments to keep, …

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Keeping A Faith Journal

Keeping A Faith Journal

I want to start by pointing out that faith journals are not tied to any particular religion or belief system. While the majority of faith journals out there, that I have seen on the internet are made by Christian women – and some of them are truly pieces of art – faith journals can be …

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