Fire – A Flash Fiction

Your heat engulfed me with such a force, that it became hard for me to breathe, but you weren’t even close. The mere presence of you attracted an undeniable sensation, I could not ignore, and never had. But, until this moment, until your passionate dark blue eyes rested upon mine, I thought you had never even …

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Workaholic – A Haiku

overwhelming tasks lost in the vortex of chores searching for a break Copyright Claudia H. Blanton 2015 Disclaimer: the image is by an artist named A. TW, and it is available at RedBubble, of which I am an affiliate – supporting independent artist, and helping them to reach a wider audience)  

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Express Yourself Meme – Resolutions

Express Yourself is back – well, actually it was never gone, but somehow I did not find the time for the majority of the last few months to post as a part of this blog hop. This year, however, I am a much more organized (cough) blogger – I hope, so I decided this would …

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How you know if you’re passion is to be a writer: Answer the following question: If money and time was not an option, meaning you had plenty of all, and all of your worries are taken care off, what would you do with your time? If your answer is writing, stick with it. Make time, …

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Flight – A Flash Fiction

My heart took flight, the first time I saw his gentle eyes, glaring back at me, not sure what to make of me. Should I be trusted, was I worth his attention, or was I like all of the others, who left him behind, heart-broken, and alone? How could I make him understand, that I …

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