Reviewing The Past Year With Gratitude In Mind

I want to start this weeks gratitude post with a question to you: What 5 occurrences, events, successes, and lessons you have experienced during 2016, are you the most grateful for? As we review the year almost behind usĀ and begin to shift our focus toward the New Year, we should take one more moment to …

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How To Keep Your New Years Resolutions The Entire Year

Are you starting to think about New Years Resolution? Right about the time when we can feel the extra weight we have put on from all of the Holiday Cheer, our focus begins to shift toward the upcoming year, and how we can get back to our goals – no matter if they are losing …

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5 Resolutions You Should Keep – Even If You Don’t Keep Any Others

Every single year, people make resolutions. And every single year those resolutions fail for too many. Instead of making resolutions, I want to suggest a few positive habits to add to your life. You can still call them New Years Resolutions – or you can call them your Intentions for 2016. Whatever sentence feels better …

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Express Yourself Meme – Resolutions

Express Yourself is back – well, actually it was never gone, but somehow I did not find the time for the majority of the last few months to post as a part of this blog hop. This year, however, I am a much more organized (cough) blogger – I hope, so I decided this would …

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New Years Resolution – A Haiku

short, sweet days of cold year’s end brings a new chance to start the dream once more Copyright Claudia H. Blanton 2014 This post was inspired by today’s prompt: “One At A Time”, which allows us to only use one syllable works in our post.

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