Headaches happen for many reasons – stress, neck or posture problems, change of weather, or slight dehydration. No matter what the cause, I prefer to grab a natural health remedy to combat the pain, rather than grabbing for the chemical solutions of aspirin and company. Here are few quick homeRead More →

obligatory smiles make my face hurt, soul break swaying with the wind Copyright Claudia H. Blanton 2015 The above poster ” Autumn Tree” ┬áis by Purple And Sparkle and available on Zazzle here.Read More →

“It is so peaceful around here”. “Indeed, it is at the moment, but mornings do bring some action.” “Spring-time especially, I can imagine.” He laughed, shaking visibly, as he thought of the many “activities” he had witnessed over his long life. “Well, it is, what it is. Life cycles, comeRead More →