18 Affirmations

The following blog post contains ¬†affiliate link to Amazon. While I do receive a small compensation when you decide to purchase something via this link, the opinion about the book is¬†completely my own. Affirmations and mantras allow us to reprogram our inner chatter. They give us something to focus on, besides our negative and self-limiting …

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9 Things To Be Grateful For Right Now

  There is always something to be grateful for Your breath. Take a moment to feel yourself breathing. Take a deep breath in and as you breathe out, say out loud “Thank you”. Your bed. Take a few minutes to lie in bed, even if it is in the middle of the day. Feel the …

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Best of Zazzle: Fitness

Need some extra motivation to stick with your Fitness resolution for 2016? Then you should really stop by Zazzle and check out what I found, that will make this year, your fittest year! Have a wonderful week! Claudia

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November Challenges – An Opportunity For Creatives

With three major challenges reaching across the blogging and writing world, November is a busy month for creative output. While trying to participate in all of them would be probably a thing of impossibility – or at least a Herculean feat – participating in one of those three is a great opportunity for writers, bloggers …

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Writing Challenges: Why We Love WritingChallenge.org And Why You Should Too

Are you a writer? Then, you – most likely – know how hard it is to carve time away from life to dedicate to your craft. Commitment to your dream conflicts with your responsibilities, and sometimes a little extra motivation could be beneficial to move from wanting to write that book, to actually writing that …

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Monday Motivation – 5 Quotes To Inspire

I always enjoy positive quotes for a quick pick me up, or a way to get me back on track, when I am feeling overwhelmed. Quotes seem to hold within them wisdom I sometimes can not conjure, and it feels good knowing there is a resource always available that I can fall back on. I …

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