Weekly Gratitude Post – Burned Truck Edition

What do I mean “Burned Truck Edition”? Well, my husband was transporting a load of hay this week, and it caught the truck on fire – the entire truck – and I am not talking about a pickup truck, but a Semi. There is nothing left of that darn thing, the entire cab of the …

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The Tea – A Flash Fiction

    “Soon”, she said to the impatient child, stirring the tea, the clouds of steam rising above the slightly cracked cup, slowly allowing the brew of roots to cool to a consumable temperature. She tried not to frown, her eyes filled with a sorrowful smile as she nodded reassuringly at the little one. This …

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Hidden Words – A Flash Fiction

I knew it was you, who had been here, marking the words in those many books, a clever way of showing me you were okay, but not clever enough. The same markings that let me here, let him to you, always a step ahead of me, as I stumbled blindly with no resources to find …

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The Park – A Friday Flash Fiction

I always wondered how someone could say that they feel alone, in the middle of this wide open space. Not a day went by when this part of the park did not have visitors, even when the wind blew harder than usual, or the smoke of a nearby fire made it difficult to breath. Nothing …

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Tribute To A Legend – Leonard Nimoy

Tribute To A Legend  – A Haiku inspired by your way my heart aches now that you’re gone live long and prosper ——- This is how I choose to remember the great Leonard Nimoy In his own words: Because Because I have known despair I value hope Because I have tasted frustration I value fulfillment …

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The Future – A Flash Fiction

One day, not long from now, when we all have done the deeds that brought us to this point and time, we will be the forgotten ones. When a war, we could have stopped, swallowed us whole, and the creation of more and more wasteful things, has taken over – the machine rising above men. …

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Loss – A Haiku

cut off from my life passion never to unfold frozen and alone Copyright Claudia H. Blanton 2015 This post was inspired by today’s daily prompt: Cut Off Here is what other bloggers wrote as a responds to this prompt: Cut Off – A Flash Fiction The Goldilocks Zone of Kindness Two For The Price Of …

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Holding Onto Hope – A Poem

the sound of a fight echoes through the dreary house no longer refuge from where can I steal a little sense of peace, lost somewhere in the dark Copyright Claudia Blanton 2015

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