Staying Positive And Staying Motivated

As artists, creatives and writers, we often do not see an immediate or obvious result from our efforts. We put ourselves out there, our art, in whichever form it presents itself, hoping that someone will connect with it as much as we have connected with it. At times, this can be a long wait, through …

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Brett Manning – A Strong Artist With Powerful Lines

Brett Manning (born on Halloween 1986), always loved to draw, paint and create. Her drawings and paintings have a warm, feminine strength, that manifests itself in clean lines, and interesting contrast. Her work does not only include drawings but are  also inclusive of photography, in which she sometimes expresses a rather dark side. Here are …

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"Feeling Blue" – A Haiku

it does not matter how pretty it is here, ’cause I am not with you Copyright Claudia H. Blanton 2015 _________________ If you enjoyed the above haiku, why not check out my book “Mixing Spices – A Flavorful Guide To Creating Awesome Herb and Spice Mixes” available for free on Amazon Kindle Unlimited!

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Missing You

  I miss the warmth of your gaze, the fresh clarity of your eyes, as if looking at me, you could see my core. No secrets ever hid from this look, a gentle one, directed at me with such love, that even now my heart skips a beat, just thinking about its power. Within those …

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Rose – A Flash Fiction

  “Well, to be honest, I threw it away.” “You did what?” “It was just sitting there, all torn up, and old-looking. Who keeps stuff like that?” “I do, you….” She bit her check to keep herself from throwing every cuss word she could muster. “Never mind. How long ago was that?” “Maybe ten minutes.” …

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Abandoned – America's Vanishing Landscape – A Review

Title: Abandoned – America’s Vanishing Landscape Author: Eric Holubow Publisher: Schiffer Publishing Publishing Date: Sept. 28th 2014 Rating: 5/5 Stars “For a relatively young country, America is rich in decaying ruins that cover its landscape. Through his striking photography, Eric Holubow provides a glimpse inside these perilous structures to reveal the slow but unforgiving wear …

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