Tips and Advice for Expectant Moms with Disabilities

Motherhood presents many challenges, and as a woman with a disability, you are used to facing and overcoming challenges with creativity and resilience.  However, you may be worried about the challenge of breastfeeding.  With some basic preparation and tips, you can go into this first phase of motherhood with confidence.   Help!  I’m going to …

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How to Disinfect a Home for Better Patient Recovery

There’s a reason why well-maintained hospitals always have an antiseptic smell to them. Hospitals are where diseases go to die, but not without a fair fight. Nurses, doctors, and other hospital staff are constantly at war with every disease or infection that’s wheeled into their facilities. And one of the best weapons for fighting this …

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Wordless Wednesday: Wellness

  This blog post is a part of the following blog hops: Spring Digital Link Up Wordless Wednesday (1) Wordless Wednesday (2) Wordless Wednesday by XMasDolly  What Are You Doing In April – Blog Hop Extra Veg – April Linky Be Inspired 

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How to Find Energy to Follow Your Dreams Despite Chronic Illnesses – 4 Tips

(Disclaimer: The following post includes affiliate links. Opinions and experiences are my own) Living with chronic illness does not have to be the end of your dreams. In fact, it can be the motivating factor to do more, to live a better life, to take better care of yourself and those who you love. It …

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Hope – A Flash Fiction

The glimmer of hope in her eyes was startling and surprising, a sparkle I had longed to see for such a long time. There she was, filled with positive thoughts, young and innocent, expecting the world to bend to her needs, not in a selfish way, but in a comforting sense. She still believed, even …

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Book Review: The Hypothyroidism Handbook

Title: The Hypothyroidism Handbook Author: Lindsey P. Publisher: Amazon Digital Services Rating: 1/5 Usually I check the credentials of anyone who writes a book about any disease, with the exceptions of books that speak only about a personal story of overcoming such illness. Lack of credentials would then keep me from reading the book, but …

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