Do You Even Care? – A Haiku

stuck in frustration don’t tell me you understand shut up and listen Copyright Claudia H. Blanton 2015 If you enjoyed this Haiku, please support us by visiting our design store for some light and dark art pieces in practical applications and as home decor.

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Prisoner – A Flash Fiction

Many aspects of him frightened me, but none chilled me as much to the bone as his need for perfection. Patterns laid perfectly in unison with each other, never one aspect out of place, and the glance in my direction, when something was not up to his standards alone, made me shiver in fear. In …

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Bedtime – A Five Sentence Flash Fiction

Bedtime routines are supposed  promote comfort, peace and set a mood for a relaxing night sleep. At least that is what they teach in school, and I am inclined to believe my teachers. But now, as I am laying in my bed – the thick covers barely manage to hide my shivering – I hear …

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A Lonely, Silent Night

With desperation in her heart, she summoned him without hesitation. The darkness of the last few weeks had been so overwhelming, that the warnings of the old woman had not found its way into her thoughts, never even considering that who she was calling for, was not the same person he had once been. It …

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I Begged You – A Flash Fiction Horror Story

  I originally posted this little dark story on my previous blog – enjoy! “I begged you to stay with me. I pleaded, promised, swore to give you everything you wanted. I was at my best, not that I am not mostly my best, but I went further in my request for you to stay …

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The Becoming – A Flash Fiction Fantasy

The changes were subtle at first, almost not noticeable, and for a while she thought she was just imaging things. She had always been an imaginative person, so it was easy to come to this conclusion, to pretend the truth away. The tingling in her left hand should have been an indication, but not enough …

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The Woods – A Flash Fiction

“It’s a true story.” “I don’t believe you.” “Well, it really happened.” “No, it didn’t you are just making stuff up again, I am going to tell Grandma.” “Don’t Steve, please don’t she won’t understand!” “That you made up another one of those crazy stories about the woods behind the field? Come on, I knew …

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Worst Scenarios: The Final Heist – A Flash Fiction Horror Story

Daily Prompt is asking us today what the worst case scenario would be for this day, and what would be the best. The following flash fiction short story is about one of these worst case scenarios, originally published on my old blog, last year: The Final Heist This was supposed to be our last job. …

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The Dentist – A Flash Fiction Horror

The excruciating agony shot through my mouth and echoed in every nerve ending of my body. The sadistic smile behind the mask, deepened as he looked upon me, observing my pain as if to study it, revel in it. “I know, I know”, he uttered gently. “The depth of pain is incredible, isn’t it? Teeth …

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