Finding Happiness In Gratitude

  Happiness can not exist in the absence of gratitude. If you are looking for happiness, you will not find it in the search for new experiences, nor in the absence of desire. Happiness is found within the moments of appreciation, the time when we stop and express with every aspect of our being, a …

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Reviewing The Past Year With Gratitude In Mind

I want to start this weeks gratitude post with a question to you: What 5 occurrences, events, successes, and lessons you have experienced during 2016, are you the most grateful for? As we review the year almost behind us and begin to shift our focus toward the New Year, we should take one more moment to …

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A Positive Thought For The Day – Perseverance

Setting goals is not enough. Taking action can only take you so far within one day. It is perseverance  which allows you to succeed, to ultimately reach your goals, and cross that finish line, you have been working towards, for so long. You wrote out your goals, set plans in motion and took many inspired …

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Friday Attitude of Gratitude – Week # 3

Welcome  back to the weekly Attitude of Gratitude post! I hope you had a week full of moments you were grateful for. I know I have, and some of these I will share with you right now. I am grateful for my dogs. Recently I looked through my older photos from Florida, and I found …

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Dear Dads – We Honor The Impact You Have

  On this fathers day, I want to dedicate this space to Fathers. I want to serve you as a reminder of the impact you all have on your children’s live, your family’s live. Just maybe not like you would expect. Dear Dad’s, mind your jokes. What might seem funny to you, might hurt, deeply …

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Wordless Wednesday: Make Your Day Perfect

This blog post is a part of the following blog hops: Wordless Wednesday Wordless Wednesdays At 5 Minute Mom Happy Spring! Wordless Wednesday  Share With Me  Be Inspired Blog Hop    

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Plan Ahead – Editorial Calendar And Marketing Planner For Creatives, Artists, Bloggers and More (Free PDF)

Creating relevant content for the upcoming months, means to be up to date on major and minor holidays. But it gets more complicated, when you add to these often celebrated holidays those minor and less often remembered celebrations, such as National Pancake Day or the Summer Solstice. This information can be not only useful for bloggers, who …

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  Prison – A Haiku self-imposed is the prison holding me now I long to be free If you or anyone you know is suicidal, please contact your local help centers or call 1-800-273-8255. Please get help. The world is a better place with you in it.

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Light And Dark

Welcome! Would you like some coffee? The following post is part of the Weekend Coffee Share Blog Hop, and contains links to my artwork, and stuff I actually buy (affiliate links).  If you were here with me, having coffee – or tea – I got some yummy imported Japanese green tea, if you prefer the …

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