Coffee, Pie And Books – A Weekend Coffee Share Post

  Hey, nice to see you again, glad you could stop by! I got a hot pot of coffee waiting for us both, and a fresh apple pie, that I made after I bought way too many apples this week. Of course, it is vegan, but you would not be able to tell if I …

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Gratitude, Halloween And Honoring Those Who Passed

On this day before Halloween, I am usually pretty excited and giddy, getting ready to celebrate what is for me as a Pagan more than just a dress up in crazy clothes day. This year, though, I will work instead, and considering that we are in a temporary place, not celebrate with our usual abandon. …

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Best of Zazzle – Fall Edition # 1

I love Autumn, in all of its colorful glory. This season’s holidays are my favorite – the fun Halloween celebrations, as well as the gathering of family and friends for Thanksgiving. Every year we carefully change our decor, the bright and deep reds, yellows and oranges surrounding us with every step. I try to make …

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Best of Zazzle – Halloween Edition # 3

Time to send out theHalloween party invitations! The following invitations can all be personalized, and you can purchase as many or as little as you need. Just click on the individual image for details. Enjoy your party! Special Coupon Code! 15% OFF ALL ORDERS | 30% Off ALL Card, posters and plates      Ends Thursday …

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Making Money On Zazzle – How To Add Tracking Codes To Your Zazzle Referral Links

Every Zazzle designer has their own Zazzle Associates ID code, via which you receive referral pay when you promote your own work or that of another designer on Zazzle. But did you know that you can also add a tracking code to your referral links? This can be particularly helpful if you are running a …

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Best Of Zazzle – Halloween Edition #1

  Click on the individual pictures for more information on the individual product. As always, please support independent artists! Thank you!

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The Cure – A Spooktoberfest Post

The chill was deep and heavy, as she emerged out of her cocoon of blankets she had draped over herself, and moved toward the direction of the commotion not far from her front porch. Ever since the new neighbors had brought with them three unruly teenagers, and many disturbing toys, the quietness of her weekend …

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Halloween – A Poem

Halloween Danger lurking in the street Shadows you will never meet Until the wrong turn in the night Shapes fun into a frightful sight Of bloody mayhem, torn apart Mangled pieces of a heart The spirits left to haunt the space Float amongst us without grace And merge with living souls to play Creating terror …

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