A Positive Thought For Today: Express Yourself Freely

A Positive Thought For Today: ¬†Express Yourself Freely Did you know that holding back your voice, your opinion, and your truths can cause physical symptoms and disease? Not speaking with your own voice, and allowing others to control your expression, has a negative effect on your thyroid. Regain your own voice by gently asking yourself …

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Celebrate The Small Things – Writing Edition

“Today I am Grateful for…” Gratitude Journal by positivephrasesgifts This week’s gratitude list includes a lot of things about writing. First of all, I am grateful that I was able to plan out some blog posts for the next few weeks on topics I am interested in sharing with you. Because I am writing now …

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The Path Of A Dreamer – A Haiku

murky depths of doubt forging a path through darkness longing to be free Copyright Claudia H. Blanton 2015 (Disclaimer: This image by SoaringAnchor called “Kindred Spirit” is available at RedBubble, of which I am an affiliate, supporting independent artists, and connecting them with a wider audience)  

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