Dare To Dream Big

    Do you dare to dream big? Are your goals set so high, that they scare you at times? Or are you someone who lives with the thought that one should not dare to reach that far, that those big dreams are not for you. Life is too short to wait for chances to …

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Gratitude Post – Hug Edition

  As I am sitting here this morning, trying to think of what  I am grateful for, I must admit, I was taken out of the momentum, by losing my connection and having to crash my computer. It was easy to practice gratitude from the point of preparation, but moving through the unexpected occurrences and …

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Stumbling Through The Darkness

unknown path ahead yet I stumble through the darkness one step at a time Copyright Claudia H. Blanton 2015 This is what following your dreams sometimes feel like: stumbling through the darkness, not knowing where the next step may take you, just aware of what is at the end: the goal. It is what scares many …

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"Feathered Friends" – A Haiku

“Feathered Friends” Digitally Altered Photography by Avalon_Media Shop for wood prints online at Zazzle Just for a moment, my life should be this easy. Watching feathered friends. Copyright Claudia H. Blanton 2015

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How you know if you’re passion is to be a writer: Answer the following question: If money and time was not an option, meaning you had plenty of all, and all of your worries are taken care off, what would you do with your time? If your answer is writing, stick with it. Make time, …

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