Best of Zazzle: Fitness

Need some extra motivation to stick with your Fitness resolution for 2016? Then you should really stop by Zazzle and check out what I found, that will make this year, your fittest year! Have a wonderful week! Claudia

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Bedtime – A Five Sentence Flash Fiction

Bedtime routines are supposed ┬ápromote comfort, peace and set a mood for a relaxing night sleep. At least that is what they teach in school, and I am inclined to believe my teachers. But now, as I am laying in my bed – the thick covers barely manage to hide my shivering – I hear …

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  I envied her abilities to dance, the way she moved about, gracefully as if gravity did not restrain her, rather worked with her, propelling the movements into the air like a symphony. She had been beautiful in every sense of the word, while I was the average sister, waiting behind her, to be noticed, …

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U Is For Udon

Udon Entertainment, not Udon the noodle (nothing against rice noodles, but we’ll talk about cooking another time) Udon Entertainment is releasing a graphic novel origin story for the streetfighter character Akuma. Title: Street Fighter Origins Akuma Publisher: Udon Entertainment Release Date: April 30th, 2014 Rating: 3.5/5 Stars ISBN: 9781926778785 I rarely have a chance to …

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