A Positive Thought For The Day – Face Everything And Rise

  Living a life of growth means that we can not avoid feeling fear. Fear of the new situation, a new business venture taking the chance to make a step toward the unknown, whatever it is, fear tends to find its way back into our lives, even if we have overcome it before. But that …

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Hidden Words – A Flash Fiction

I knew it was you, who had been here, marking the words in those many books, a clever way of showing me you were okay, but not clever enough. The same markings that let me here, let him to you, always a step ahead of me, as I stumbled blindly with no resources to find …

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Losing Fear

To live a creative life we must lose our fear of being wrong j.c. pierce What are you afraid of most? As artists and creatives, we often explore our own fears, as well as those of our audience, pushing it further than most, beyond that barrier that keeps others from taking action. Being a creative …

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The End Of Everything – A Flash Fiction

He scared me, with such a profoundness that I knew I would never be the same. Not that he was threatening, this fragile, old man with the broad rimmed hat, but his eyes, gazing at me with the intensitivy of a powerful personality, borred into my soul, and left a mark. His words, as broken …

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Holding Onto Hope – A Poem

the sound of a fight echoes through the dreary house no longer refuge from where can I steal a little sense of peace, lost somewhere in the dark Copyright Claudia Blanton 2015

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Foreigner – A Haiku

my identity crisis unfolds – worlds collide where do I belong? born in the midst of those who see me, as the one belonging elsewhere lost, I search for a little compassion, just once so fear can subside Copyright Claudia H. Blanton 2015 This post was inspired by a television show on Germany TV, where …

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Mask – A Haiku

  do you want to see beyond the mask I choose to wear when you are here? Copyright Claudia H. Blanton 2015 This blog post was inspired by today’s daily prompt post, which asked us to find a random image via google search, and write about it. The above image is what came up in …

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