Unique Personalized Thanksgiving Invitations

This post contains affiliate links, see disclosure page for details As we are getting closer toward the Holiday season, I am beginning to realize that I need to  start planning for the get-togethers, and upcoming parties. But because I want every detail of those gatherings to be unique, I try to make my invitations as …

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Best of Zazzle – Fall Edition # 1

I love Autumn, in all of its colorful glory. This season’s holidays are my favorite – the fun Halloween celebrations, as well as the gathering of family and friends for Thanksgiving. Every year we carefully change our decor, the bright and deep reds, yellows and oranges surrounding us with every step. I try to make …

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Best of Zazzle – Halloween Edition # 3

Time to send out theHalloween party invitations! The following invitations can all be personalized, and you can purchase as many or as little as you need. Just click on the individual image for details. Enjoy your party! Special Coupon Code! 15% OFF ALL ORDERS | 30% Off ALL Card, posters and plates      Ends Thursday …

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If You Were Here With Me In Las Vegas – A Weekend Coffee Share Post

Hey there, glad to have you here again for coffee. Do you like this cup? It is one of my own designs, and yes, you can take it home with you. I hope you do not mind that I will use your visit as an excuse to stop organizing my Zazzle stores for a moment. …

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5 Things I Am Grateful For Right Now – A Celebrate The Small Things Blog Post

Simple Beauty – Fall Leaf Small Square Tile available on Zazzle After missing a week of posting a “Celebrate The Small Things Post”, I am glad to be back participating in the wonderful blog hop, hosted by Lexa Cain. I hope you will join us, which you can, by simply following this link. What am …

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Best Of Zazzle – Halloween Edition #1

  Click on the individual pictures for more information on the individual product. As always, please support independent artists! Thank you!

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Entertainment, Cookies and Coffee – A Weekend Coffee Share Post

Friends and Coffee Poster by wildapple If you would come over for coffee today, I would tell you about the books I have on my virtual shelf right now, waiting to be read. I would tell you that I love being a reviewer for NetGalley, but that the downside of that is, my reading list …

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Celebrate The Small Things – Las Vegas Edition

  Vintage Las Vegas Poster ; I am happy to back blogging, and to be joining you all in this weeks “Celebrate The Small Things” Blog Hop, hosted by the wonderful Lexa Cain. We finally completed  our move to Las Vegas, which was not just relocating ourselves but our entire business, and as you can …

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Customizable Invitations – The Fall Collection

Invitations, may they be for your Wedding, Bridal Shower, or Birthday, require a personal touch. Designing them yourself can be a hassle, and purchasing them simply from a card store makes them impersonal. Thankfully the dedicated and talented artists at Zazzle have created a wide variety of customizable templates in the most stunning settings, which …

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Halloween – A Poem

Halloween Danger lurking in the street Shadows you will never meet Until the wrong turn in the night Shapes fun into a frightful sight Of bloody mayhem, torn apart Mangled pieces of a heart The spirits left to haunt the space Float amongst us without grace And merge with living souls to play Creating terror …

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