Mind And Body: How To Be More Patient – 5 Tips

Disclaimer: The following post contains affiliate link, see disclosure page for details If you are working on a big project, are following through with action steps toward your goals, or when you are in need of change that just does not seem to happen, you need patience. Patience in those hard times is often a hard …

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17 Little Tips To Boost Your Brainpower

(Disclaimer: The following post contains affiliate links, see discloser page for details)   Sometimes it is the little adjustment that yields the most desired result. Which is the reason I compiled this list of little tips on how you can boost your brainpower with a relatively little, or minimal effort. Some of these might sound …

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Reading And Taking Action

Many of us have a to-read list for the months ahead. But you merely read or do you implement? To me, reading lists and book implementation lists are two different things. A reading list is a book list of stories I read to entertain me. They do not necessarily have to be fiction to do so but …

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Best of Zazzle: Fitness

Need some extra motivation to stick with your Fitness resolution for 2016? Then you should really stop by Zazzle and check out what I found, that will make this year, your fittest year! Have a wonderful week! Claudia

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5 Resolutions You Should Keep – Even If You Don’t Keep Any Others

Every single year, people make resolutions. And every single year those resolutions fail for too many. Instead of making resolutions, I want to suggest a few positive habits to add to your life. You can still call them New Years Resolutions – or you can call them your Intentions for 2016. Whatever sentence feels better …

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Stop Making Excuses

So dear fellow writers, creatives, and artists, I want to wake you up this morning with a little kick in the behind. Stop making excuses. Say what? You heard me right. Stop making excuses why you can not work on your creative projects, goals, and dreams. Stop that right now. Life is too short,  to …

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When Life Gives You Spotty Internet Connection – Read

Sometimes we make plans and what happens after that is a completely different story. Today, my plan included working some on designs and posting Reiki and Yoga items on social media, my facebook page, and maybe even here. Instead none of my programs loaded properly, so instead of fighting and getting mad, I decided to …

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Gratitude, Coffee And Staying Motivated

Welcome to our weekly coffee share session. I am always looking forward to seeing you. Come on in, the  coffee is hot and fresh, but I also got tea, and some vegan cranberry chocolate chip oatmeal cookies, if you want some. Help yourself. If you were here with me I would greet you with a …

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Best of Zazzle – Quote Edition # 2

Being surrounded by quotes can help you stay inspired and motivated. Sometimes the wisdom of those before us, give us an extra boost to reach for our own dreams.  I have collected some mugs that feature such inspiring words. Enjoy! As always, thank you for supporting independent artists with your purchase! Have a wonderful day! …

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