Book Review: Got Luck by Michael Darling

  Disclaimer: I was given this book for free in return for a honest review. This blog post contains affiliate links, see disclosure page for details Title: Got Luck Author: Michael Darling Genre: Fantasy/Sci-Fi/Crime Publisher: Future House Publishing Rating: 2/5 Stars The Premise: Police-officer-turned-private-investigator Goethe “Got” Luck is known for rolling with the punches and …

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Light And Dark

Welcome! Would you like some coffee? The following post is part of the Weekend Coffee Share Blog Hop, and contains links to my artwork, and stuff I actually buy (affiliate links).  If you were here with me, having coffee – or tea – I got some yummy imported Japanese green tea, if you prefer the …

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Brett Manning – A Strong Artist With Powerful Lines

Brett Manning (born on Halloween 1986), always loved to draw, paint and create. Her drawings and paintings have a warm, feminine strength, that manifests itself in clean lines, and interesting contrast. Her work does not only include drawings but are  also inclusive of photography, in which she sometimes expresses a rather dark side. Here are …

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The Girl – A Five Sentence Flash Fiction

The spunk in her eyes surprised me. I thought the torture he had put her through would have already taken all of her will, broken her and made her a heap of injured flesh, but instead she looked at me as if she was about to take me on, with the determination to win. I …

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Nightmare – A Haiku

Haunted by your dark twisted soul perverted lies nightmares burn so deep Copyright Claudia H. Blanton 2015 Being touched by darkness, allows us to appreciate being able to see the light. Sometimes the darkness finds itself into my art, nightmares of long ago past, those childhood fears we all come across. Some nightmares are real, …

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Do You Even Care? – A Haiku

stuck in frustration don’t tell me you understand shut up and listen Copyright Claudia H. Blanton 2015 If you enjoyed this Haiku, please support us by visiting our design store for some light and dark art pieces in practical applications and as home decor.

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Prisoner – A Flash Fiction

Many aspects of him frightened me, but none chilled me as much to the bone as his need for perfection. Patterns laid perfectly in unison with each other, never one aspect out of place, and the glance in my direction, when something was not up to his standards alone, made me shiver in fear. In …

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Nobody – A Flash Fiction

Your departure was reminiscent of your arrival, filled with fanfare and grandiose moves, an orchestrated deliberate performance to the very end. This was, after all, the main reason I could never quite understand you, the need for overacting, overwhelming everyone in your presence as if you needed their oxygen just to exist. Little me, had no …

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The Crime Scene Cleaner – A Flash Fiction

It was not that Mr. Annar had forgotten to close his blinds as everyone had suspected, it was that he had dismantled the installation, making it impossible for anyone to block his view of the entire parking lot. The central bay window was perfectly spaced, allowing him to take advantage of the lucky occurance of …

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