Nightmare – A Haiku

Haunted by your dark twisted soul perverted lies nightmares burn so deep Copyright Claudia H. Blanton 2015 Being touched by darkness, allows us to appreciate being able to see the light. Sometimes the darkness finds itself into my art, nightmares of long ago past, those childhood fears we all come across. Some nightmares are real, …

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Holding Onto Hope – A Poem

the sound of a fight echoes through the dreary house no longer refuge from where can I steal a little sense of peace, lost somewhere in the dark Copyright Claudia Blanton 2015

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Bedtime – A Five Sentence Flash Fiction

Bedtime routines are supposed ┬ápromote comfort, peace and set a mood for a relaxing night sleep. At least that is what they teach in school, and I am inclined to believe my teachers. But now, as I am laying in my bed – the thick covers barely manage to hide my shivering – I hear …

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The happiest memories of my childhood where on stage. Singing in our choir, having the honor of actually performing in theaters, at conventions, at festivals gave a break from an otherwise dreary existence. Our choir leader, was the head of the Musical Department of the town I grew up in. He took our performances seriously. …

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