Gratitude Should Be A Daily Practice Beyond A Holiday

While I love Thanksgiving, and what is not to love about a holiday that centers around gratitude, family and great food, I do think that sometimes we use it as an excuse to not be as kind, as grateful and as considerate throughout the day. We are only reminded that people are in need, when …

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Dear Dads – We Honor The Impact You Have

  On this fathers day, I want to dedicate this space to Fathers. I want to serve you as a reminder of the impact you all have on your children’s live, your family’s live. Just maybe not like you would expect. Dear Dad’s, mind your jokes. What might seem funny to you, might hurt, deeply …

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Light And Dark

Welcome! Would you like some coffee? The following post is part of the Weekend Coffee Share Blog Hop, and contains links to my artwork, and stuff I actually buy (affiliate links).  If you were here with me, having coffee – or tea – I got some yummy imported Japanese green tea, if you prefer the …

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Best of Zazzle – Fall Edition # 1

I love Autumn, in all of its colorful glory. This season’s holidays are my favorite – the fun Halloween celebrations, as well as the gathering of family and friends for Thanksgiving. Every year we carefully change our decor, the bright and deep reds, yellows and oranges surrounding us with every step. I try to make …

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Best Of Zazzle – Halloween Edition #1

  Click on the individual pictures for more information on the individual product. As always, please support independent artists! Thank you!

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Taking Chances – A Celebrate The Small Things Blog Post

  Courage by SimpleStrongWords Welcome to my weekly Gratitude post – part of Lexa Cain’s “Celebrate The Small Things” blog hop. Why not join us? Taking chances takes courage. Sometimes it takes moving outside of one’s comfort zone, putting yourself out there, no matter what, even if it means whatever the endeavour it can fail. …

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Celebrate The Small Things – Las Vegas Edition

  Vintage Las Vegas Poster ; I am happy to back blogging, and to be joining you all in this weeks “Celebrate The Small Things” Blog Hop, hosted by the wonderful Lexa Cain. We finally completed  our move to Las Vegas, which was not just relocating ourselves but our entire business, and as you can …

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Gratitude – A Celebrate The Small Things Blog Post

It has been way too long since I have participated in the “Celebrate The Small Things” blog hop, even though I think it is one of the most positive link ups around. So without further ado, this shall be remedied today. There is so much to be grateful for anyway. We are finally getting over …

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Earth Day – A Haiku

Screaming frustration a little too late to win one day not enough We dedicate one day — one stinking, single day — a year to take care of something that we should be taking care of every day. You might say, this is better than nothing, but in the big picture of it all, it is nothing. This day …

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