Wordless Wednesday: Scary Kimchi Edition

  Wordless Wednesday: Scary Kimchi Edition Apparently, this is what happens when you open this jar of Kimchi – I know it says vegan on it, but I swear it is alive!   Visit X-Mas Dolly’s blog to participate in the Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop! See you there! 

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How Should We Combat Hatred? – Offering A Prayer Of Peace

This is not a post I usually write – frankly, this is not a post I want to write, because I do not want to talk about hatred, negativity and politics in this blog. But after I just heard the news that the Mother of my daughter’s boyfriend was attacked by someone using racial slurs, …

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7 Things I Learned While Writing A Book About Tea And Mindfulness

Disclaimer: The following post includes affiliate links to our Sponsors – Amazon and Creative Life.  When doing research for any project, it is very interesting to see what kind of crazy, wonderful and sometimes disturbing facts can be discovered. Thankfully, I have not run across anything disturbing, so I am happy to share with you …

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Colds, Binge Watching And Tea

  Disclaimer: The following post contains links to my own art, and affiliate links, which pay for my art supplies and design programs – opinions are my own.  Glad you called first before coming over for coffee, because I really do not want to give you the cold. I can send you some cookies if …

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Grabbing Your Muse By The Throat

  I began this day, knowing that I wanted to write a blog post. Not like I do not have anything else to write, in fact, I really need to spend a few hours working on the many facets of writing this tea book, which is beginning to take more and more shape, but still I …

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Best Blog For Zazzle Designers – A Sunday Blog Share

Apparently I am late to the party, but this morning I saw a hashtag trending that intrigued me: #SundayBlogShare. I find the concept of either sharing one’s own blog or sharing a blog, others might not have read before, a pretty cool idea. A few minutes later, I ran across a blog that is a huge resource for …

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Allure And Obsession

Allure her delicate charmsfragile rainbow colored eyesfleeting enchantment Written for today’s prompt: Write about anything you’d like, but make sure that all seven colors of the rainbow — red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet — make an appearance in the post, either through word or image. That above Haiku is a display of an …

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