Strengthen Your Relationships Through Gratitude – Write Appreciation Lists

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In order to strengthen any relationship, may it be a romantic one, a friendship or a family relationship, showing and expressing your gratitude can be a mindful and beautiful tool to do just that. A great time to take advantage of this is via special occasions, such as birthdays, Anniversaries and of course, Valentine’s Day.

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1. Use a special medium.
For an expression of gratitude, a standard piece of paper will do the trick, but you can make it even more special if you choose to use handcrafted paper or a beautiful card. Think about what type of medium relates to something the recipient loves or cares deeply for.

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2. Focus on their strengths

Flowers In Blue - Floral Art

Flowers In Blue – Floral Art Gift Box

Everyone could use a little boost of self-confidence. If you focus your gratitude list on the strengths of character your recipient has, you will give a momentum, they can hold on to for a long time, because it will continue to serve them in the future, giving them a boost they might need during hard times

3. Use your natural voice
While prose is beautiful, it can also seem forced or out of character. Instead, write your list, just like you would normally converse. If you use humor in your daily life, include that as well. What comes naturally to you has a greater effect on whom you are giving it to.


4. Go deep
Go beyond the typical stereotype, and surface statements. Take your time to go beyond – you are a great mother – to something like:  I love the way you take time out of your day to listen to us, whenever we need you.

Pink Beauties - Floral Watercolor Design Art Print

Pink Beauties – Custom Watercolor Design Journal/Notebook

5. Allow yourself to be emotional.
If you are allowing your gift to showcase your true emotions, then the recipient can feel that authentic emotional connection. The deeper meaning is much less likely to be lost with this form of expression, then if you just make a mere list.

Here are some out of the box ideas you can use to create this beautiful and mindful gift:

1. Instead of making a list, write each point on a strip of paper, and place it into Valentine’s Day mug, and wrap it

2. Write each item on the list, on the top of a journal page, and give it as a gift.

3. Make a photo album, and write one item on the back of each photo.



What is your favorite way to express gratitude toward the people you love? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!



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