Stories That Drive Me Crazy

Today, Daily Prompt asked us what habits/acts drive us crazy. Related to books and movies I have a short list of turn offs, which  make me walk away from a book, a TV show or a movie.

1. Weak female characters.
The damsel in distress thing is over and done with. Women do not need a man to defend themselves, let’s stop telling these stories of male saviors who are the hero of the weak female. While we all can use someone to lean on, it does not always have to be the woman who does the leaning. Stop it already.

2. Spin-offs
Do we really need another NCIS spin off? It only worked for Star Trek, and Buffy/Angel. Everyone else should stay away from spin-offs unless they are either written by Joss Whedon, or have a really special story to tell. Most likely they won’t. I am not holding my breath.

3. First person present tense stories
Please don’t, just don’t. Just because “Fifty Shades of Grey” did it, doesn’t mean anyone should.

4. Horror for the sake of guts and gore.
Horror stories, ala Stephen King or the earlier works of Dean Koontz, told a story alongside the scary bits and pieces. That tension is good, really good. But horror with no deep developed plot, that makes us like the characters, and has some dialogue besides screaming and moaning, I will turn off. I want to be entertained. Not just shocked.

5. Bed hopping
Sex is all good, it belongs into stories, some stories, but it has to be believable. Romance novels are often times culprits in bedding the characters too fast, or too many times, just to be explicit. Tell us the story, include sex, but don’t make it the stuff that breaks the flow of the plot.

Enough ranting. What type of stories drive you crazy?

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20 thoughts on “Stories That Drive Me Crazy

  1. Completely agree Claudia, particularly point #4. Horror is just not what it was. Reading the likes of James Herbert and Stephen King was real “sleep with the light on after you had finished reading” horror, the reason being the author left your imagination to run wild. You just don’t come across those types of stories very often anymore so authors tend to go for the guts and gore. Great post today, tempted to go dig out some old horror stories now 🙂 . Thanks KL

    1. thank you, KL – the last horror movie I enjoyed was Cabin in the Woods, and only because it made fun of it all. I can not stand that “Saw” number whatever horror. Glad you enjoyed the post!

  2. I agree! I would add Zombies.

    I was watching Alias (Jennifer Garner TV series) years ago. Strong female character. Good solid show. It was entertaining.

    One of my rules?

    No zombies.

    ****SPOILER ALERT****

    I will walk if there a zombie is introduced in an unexpected way. It cheapens the entire story. Instantly. There are exceptions to those rules (LOST and Shaun of the Dead).

    Oh yeah, spoiler. In the last season, that I watched, a zombie is introduced. I walked. I had watched Alias from the beginning. Cheered Jennifer Garner as she won an Emmy for her portrayal of a bad-ass. My reward? A zombie.

    I’m with you.

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