Stop Acid Reflux Naturally – Which Foods to Avoid

Stop Acid Reflux Naturally - Which Foods to Avoid


Do you have Acid Reflux? Did you know that you can stop acid reflux naturally, by avoiding certain foods? Staying away from certain foods, while increasing the intake of others has helped many people with this gastroesophageal reflux disease manage their symptoms. Studies have shown that lifestyle and eating changes can alleviate symptoms long-term, so if you have this disease, I highly suggest that you read on.

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What Foods You Should Avoid:

1. Foods and beverages containing caffeine. Caffeine leads to increased acidity, so it would be wise to limit your intake of coffee, to one cup a day. While most people only drink coffee in the early hours, there are some – like me – who drink coffee in the evening. If you suffer from acid reflux, you should only drink coffee in the morning, or better yet, avoid it completely. Pero Coffee Substitute is a tasty and mild alternative for those who crave coffee.

2. Alcohol. Not only does alcohol irritate your stomach, it relaxes the LES muscle, which in turn leads to increase
acidity, and reflux. Avoid drinking alcohol completely.


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3. Chocolate. Falling under the category of foods containing caffeine, chocolate is on the not-to-eat list for acid
reflux sufferers. If you are craving chocolate, settle for the dark, organic variety, and look for those not containing
milk fats or dairy. For a list of chocolates, you can digest easier – even if limited – look for vegan varieties. NuGo Dark Dairy Free Chocolate Bars are yummy, without all of the milk fats.

4. Milk and dairy products. Now is a good time for you to switch to non-dairy milk, as regular milk contains too much fat to be easily digested. For those times, that you want to use dairy, you can either use the non-dairy alternatives or limit your intake to small amounts of low-fat cheeses. Some people who suffer from acid reflux find calcium heavy foods harder to handle in the evening, therefore avoid those products completely during the later hours of the day.

Stop Acid Reflux Naturally - Which Foods to Avoid 5. Mints. Any type of mint, may it be peppermint, spearmint or others, should be avoided by people with acid reflux.  This is the one time, I suggest to stay away from herbal teas (which I am a fan of), that contain any type of mint. Included in this list of foods to avoid are gums, and candies that contain these types of herbs.

6. Fruits And Vegetables high in acidity. Tomatoes, oranges, as well as onions, garlic, leeks, and cauliflower, are high in acidity and have no place in the diet of an acid reflux sufferer. Eliminate these foods completely out of your diet to see the best results.

You have the power to make a lasting change, by adjusting your eating habits.

Stop Acid Reflux Naturally - Which Foods to Avoid

This article is based on the book, “Heartburn No More” by Jeff Martin.
Jeff is an author, researcher, nutritionist and health consultant who dedicated his life to
creating the ultimate acid reflux solution guaranteed to permanently reverse the root cause of heartburn and  acid reflux and naturally and dramatically improve the overall quality of your life, without the use prescription medication and without any surgical procedures. Learn more by visiting his website today!



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33 thoughts on “Stop Acid Reflux Naturally – Which Foods to Avoid

    1. my husband can not drink coffee either – that and tomatoes are his worst triggers. I am glad you found this article helpful. Blessings, Liz!

  1. I honestly didn’t know that chocolate causes acid reflux. This is such a helpful post, thanks for all the information!

  2. I have acid reflux myself and IBS so consuming certain foods is very painful. I have decaf coffee and tea so that there is no caffeine and find that fizzy drinks/alcohol/ spicy/fatty/creamy foods really hurt my stomach.

    1. sounds like you are already taking smart steps to aid your acid reflux and stomach issues. Good for you. Much healing!

  3. Good advice! I don’t suffer from acid reflux but never know it might happen in the future. Eating healthy and avoiding some ingredients one can live really well and without medicine.

  4. Hahaha all the foods and beverages I love! I do not experience acid reflux, so I think I’m good for at least a little bit!


    1. yeah, I know, those foods are yummy. You and I are lucky, my husband and aunt not so much in that regard. Blessings

    1. then I would highly suggest you check out the Pero coffee substitute. It is the closest thing to coffee, that taste great, but without any of the side effects. My aunt had severe stomach issues, and well, like any German worth her weight, she loves coffee. She drinks Pero instead. I always have some
      in the house.


  5. Your tips are great for people who live in the US. My (Egyptian) husband has acid reflux, but his doctors encourage him to eat cheese and yogurt and a special “fermented” milk. Mint is often drunk here to settle stomachs. In fact, most of the “bad” foods and drinks in the US are okay for Egyptian constitutions. But I swear they can eat food that’s half bad and would make me sick but they’re perfectly okay. And salt? A big no-no in the west, but you have to put it on everything here b/c the weather is so punishing. Interesting how different foods are popular or necessary in different parts of the world, huh? Have a good weekend!

    1. It is absolutely cultural because it depends on what food you were raised on. For example, I watched a young Mexican mother spice up her one-year-old’s food with hot sauce, something my 14-year-old still can not stomach. Also, I was raised on herbal teas and remedies in Germany, including Peppermint for stomach issues, but if you hand peppermint tea to my American husband he will be in trouble for a while. What foods we eat during our childhood years affects us much more than we might realize. Blessings and good to hear from you!

  6. This is so helpful! I think that’s why I hate orange because it makes me acid. Onion and garlic are also not good for me. I’m gonna try this diet and let’s see what’s happening!

  7. This is fantastic. I didnt know chocolate could cause acid reflux, when you think about whats in it – its pretty obvious! Thanks for the post.

    1. it is an easy food product to overlook, because we just never think of it too closely until we have to. Blessings!

  8. I’m a chocolate lover, not minding the effects of consuming lots, and to be true, I really don’t check of for caffeine and other stuffs that could be harmful to the body system, but with this post,I’ll definitely be cautious…thanks

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