Should I Take Magnesium Supplements? Read Here, Why You Might Want To

Should I Take Magnesium Supplements- Read Here, Why You Might Want To


With all of the different types of vitamins and supplements out there, you might have ¬†asked yourself: “Should I take magnesium supplements?”, or what the health benefits of magnesium supplements are.

In order to maintain your optimal health, magnesium has to be continuously supplied to your body. If you do not take enough magnesium on a daily basis, or ingest it via dietary means, you will begin to experience deficiency

These can be:
muscle cramps
increased chances of diabetes
increased chances of asthma
high blood pressure
heart issues

In order to prevent this deficiency, you should eat the following foods:

Foods ContainingMagnesium

But because we all lead busy lives, it is sometimes hard to maintain a proper nutritional balance. The needed 400 mg
per day (current recommendation according to WebMD), can be fulfilled with magnesium supplements.

A word of caution: You should never take magnesium supplements of any kind if you are experiencing kidney disease. Always check with your physician before taking any supplements, especially when taking medication or if you have a chronic illness.

There are two ways to take magnesium supplements:

In Oral Form:
Oral magnesium supplements are the most popular supplements. They can though for some people, cause some diarrhea, which brings me to the lesser known way of taking magnesium.

Transdermal Supplementation
Transdermal supplementation is essentially an application of the magnesium on the skin through various ways.
These supplements are available as baths, oils, lotions and creams, and are applied, without the side effects of the oral

While I always recommend to shoot for a healthy diet that includes all vitamins and minerals, there are cases
where this might be not possible, or at least not temporarily, and then supplementation is a viable option to consider.

I hope this article helped you in discover the benefits of magnesium supplements. Stay tuned for more health and wellness articles, like this one.





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6 thoughts on “Should I Take Magnesium Supplements? Read Here, Why You Might Want To

  1. Hey great overview of magnesium and what it can do. My sister has leg cramps and takes magnesium supplements to combat the issue. They seem to be working very well for her.
    I always like to consult my doctor before adding something to my diet for a certain region. Just to make sure I am taking the right supplement as symptoms might be related to something else.

    1. Hi Sarah – glad that magnesium is working for your sister – yes, so many people overlook that just because a symptom could mean one thing, it could usually mean dozen of other things as well – always consult a health care professional first! I do suggest thought to find someone who is into natural healing, others tend to push “conventional” medicine down our throats, no matter what!

  2. Claudia,

    Thanks for sharing this valuable information. I’ve never really looked into any mineral deficiency and the possible side effects. Although I do eat tons of avocados, beans, leafy greens and bananas I know that a lot of people out there do not get these important foods in their bodies. Do you recommend taking any other mineral supplement as well or is magnesium one of the most important?

    1. Hi,

      I absolutely recommend additional vitamin and mineral supplements, depending on your diet and lifestyle choices – for example, my daughter is vegan, and I suggested her taking a Vitamin B complex, as well as probiotics, iron and calcium supplements. I will be writing more about supplements in future posts, as well on my new site, that I am opening up in a few days- where I will be sharing more info on health and wellness gadgets. Blessings and thank you for commenting!

  3. Thanks for the review, I’ve been looking for info about magnesium. Would you recommend magnesium vitamin supplements over magnesium oil? I’ve heard that the oil can help considerably with pain relief and various skin disorders, although I’ve never tried it. Just curious if absorption is better one way or the other.

  4. Magnesium is very important for good health. I like your advice here about what foods to eat and supplements to take. It’s good that you caution people not to take magnesium supplements if you have kidney problems. It’s like anything else that you might think about taking to check with your doctor first. Before I started taking magnesium I spoke with my doctor first to get his okay. I don’t take any chances with possible interactions with medications. Thanks for some important tips on magnesium!

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