Reviewing The Past Year With Gratitude In Mind

Reviewing The Past Year With Gratitude In Mind

I want to start this weeks gratitude post with a question to you:

What 5 occurrences, events, successes, and lessons you have experienced during 2016, are you the most grateful for?

I am always grateful for my pets. This is Charlie, and he think he is beautiful, and that my desk belongs to him

As we review the year almost behind us and begin to shift our focus toward the New Year, we should take one more moment to give thanks to the last twelve months. Even if it did not go always our way, I find it very important to reflect on what went right.

Many of us, are taking the next few days to plan the year ahead, and this task becomes a lot easier when we do not look back with regret, but rather with an attitude of gratitude.

So here are my 5 events, lessons, and other occurrences,  I am grateful for in 2016

  1. My husband was able to be home for both of my children’s birthdays. That has not happened in years. Usually, he misses at least one of their birthdays, having to leave for a business trip, instead of being able to participate in our celebrations.
  2. gratitude attitude, positive living

    My dog Athena, is watching my cat Charlie sleep. They like each other a lot.

    My dog’s allergies are completely under control. We have found a balanced routine, diet and care for our dogs, that allowed them to not suffer any reoccurring allergic reactions since February. Not having any allergic reactions for that long, has been wonderful. They are healthy, happy, and busy annoying the cat.

  3. My business began making a profit in the beginning of this year, rather than simply costing me money, such as hosting fees, payments for social media tools, and all of the other things that are a part of running multiple online sites and niches. I also have it pretty much organized, so my days are not as chaotic as they were in the beginning of the year, which is awesome.
  4. We have settled into Las Vegas life. Even though this is not where we want to stay – Las Vegas is not a great place to raise children, or homeschooling them (I miss the South, and I thought I would never say that in a million years, – the Churches). Hopefully, once I have reached a few more financial goals with my business, we can move toward Los Angeles.
  5. We made some friends – speaking of getting settled in, we have met some nice people, so we are not as isolated as we were when we first moved here in 2015.
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As you can see, we have plenty to be grateful for. I am sure you can find something in your life, that happened in 2016, which was positive, or at least a lesson worth learning.

Because it is Friday, I am also participating in the Friday Fill In blog hop hosted by McGuffy and 15andmeowing. Every week the host Friday Fill In blog hop hosted by McGuffy and 15andmeowing. Every week the host provides us with sentences to complete and I have highlighted my answers to this weeks fill-ins.

  1. The highlight of my Christmas was well we do not celebrate Christmas because we are a Pagan family. But we celebrate Yule, and the highlight of the Holiday season was, that my husband was at home. They day others celebrate Christmas is my son’s birthday.
  2. My New Years Resolution is to remember to take breaks. I usually work, and take care of all of the things that need to be done in a homeschooling family, AND running businesses, and forget to take care of myself. So better self-care is my resolution in a nutshell.
  3. This year, 2016 was interesting. You can read the positive aspects above. I am leaving anything negative behind. Time to move forward!
  4. Next year, 2017 will be awesome! I know that, because I truly believe that we have the choice to make the best out of every day, every month and every year. 

If you want to participate in the Friendly Friday Fill-Ins, check out the link up here. It is always a lot of fun.



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8 thoughts on “Reviewing The Past Year With Gratitude In Mind

  1. Self-care seems to always get put on the back burner for the women of the house. I hope that you are able to take better care of yourself in the year to come.

    Best wishes for a positive, happy, healthy year for you and your family.

  2. I’m glad you have so many things to celebrate about this past year. Having your pets be allergy free is terrific, and congrats for your business successes! Happy New Year to you and all your family! May your new year be filled with joy, peace, and prosperity!

  3. Thank you for participating in the fill-ins, nice answers. Also nice to meet you. I am glad you had a good 2016 and I hope you and your family have a happy and healthy 2017!

    1. thank you, Ellen. I appreciate your welcome. I love the prompt you had chosen this week, and I am looking forward to connecting again with you next week. Blessings!

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