Patch MD Topical Vitamin And Mineral Patches – A Review

Do you have problems swallowing pills or do you have gastrointestinal issues due to stomach sensitivities and allergies as well as other illnesses that increase your lack of absorption rate of vitamins, like I do? Then I highly suggest, that you keep on reading because I finally have the perfect vitamin patch, that works for my family and me. With multiple allergies and restricted airways due to a chronic illness, I can not swallow pills, and can not take any oral iron supplement.
And no, I’m not getting sponsored by Patch MD, but I am a very happy customer.
 These vitamin patches are not like some of the other ones you see made overseas that don’t have a high-quality delivery system no,  these are allergen free gluten-free sugar-free and non-synthetic patches are gentle and effective, while delivering an optimal level of vitamins and nutrients bypassing your stomach and kidneys.

People Like Us would otherwise have to rely on shots to get needed vitamins – And who likes taking shots I know I don’t – rely on innovative products like these to optimize their health to the best possible state.
What I like about the vitamin patches like I mentioned before I cannot swallow pills and most of the vitamin are larger pills, to begin with, so they are harder to swallow for even the average person. I’m also not a fan of the chewable version, especially those where you have to eat up to six pieces a day which seems to me like getting a bunch of candy rather than taking a healthy vitamin.

How To Use The Patches

Patch MD recommends that you use the patches in the spots where there is little or no hair I recommend using your upper arm or your thigh but it depends on what you would prefer to me I have found that was the best places to keep the patches in place. These patches adhere well but do not leave any residue after use which is one of the things I was worried about before purchasing. Also, I tend to be sensitive to some materials and patch and Dean vitamin patches have never given me a rash or even redness in the applied area.
Patch MD has a wide variety of products available depending on your personal need I personally use the iron patch due to my anemia and I am very happy with the increase in my iron level.

Also available are:

Kids multi B vitamin patches
B12 energy patches

Anti-Aging Patches

Vitamin C topical patches
and a wide variety of other patches that will fit your needs.
While some of their products are available other places online such as Amazon,  most products only available via their website.
Shipping is quick and their prices are reasonable, compared to those of other vitamins that you take over the counter. You have a choice of purchasing a 30-day pack or set a reoccurring shipment so you will not run out of your needed vitamins.
Another thing that I found really cool is that with a purchase you are supporting a 100% US made product.  To be specific, the company is headquartered in Las Vegas, so I am happy to support a homegrown, local business


Not all of us are able to take vitamins on a regular basis. Many of us have health issues that prevent us from taking advantage of the regularly offered products. Patch MD vitamin patches fulfill those needs and make it possible for everyone to take a wide variety of vitamins and minerals at an affordable price, and without the need for prescriptions or shots.


Have you ever taken topical vitamin patches if so what was your experience and why are you taking them instead of regular over-the-counter vitamins? Leave a comment in the comment section below and I would love to hear from you.
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11 thoughts on “Patch MD Topical Vitamin And Mineral Patches – A Review

  1. I’ve never tried these kind of patches before but I’d be very interested to! I’ve always wanted to take daily vitamins but i have a difficult time swallowing them – i gag nearly every time which is really frustrating so this sounds like an amazing solution!

  2. Wow, these sound great!I I had not heard of them before, but will definitely give them a try!!

  3. I have gastro issues and I hate taking pills (I do have to every day as I have a chronic back issue) I would absolutely love another way to get all my vitamin and minerals! I’m vitamin d deficient and have to take glucosamine for my bad joints – they are the biggest tablets I’ve ever seen and ridiculous to swallow! Definitely looking into these as I take a general vitamin tablet every day too and it just adds more and more into my normal quota of tablets every day!

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