Papaya-Orange-Raspberry Smoothie

smoothie recipe Papaya Orange Raspberry
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With the impending Fall, around the corner, cold and flu season are not far away. To prevent making this a yearly tradition, I make sure that everyone in our household gets the proper vitamins they need to fight whatever comes their way. This  Papaya-Orange-Raspberry Smoothie is filled with immune-boosting vitamin C, and taste divine! So pull out your blender, and make this delicious smoothie for your family!

This recipe makes two servings

You will need: 

1 medium papaya
the juice from 8 oranges
1 1/2 cups of frozen raspberries
Peel the papaya, and disregard the seeds (which can be easily removed from the halved papaya with a spoon), and
dice it into cubes. Place the papaya, the orange juice, and the frozen raspberries into the blender, and blend
until smooth and creamy. I like my smoothies a little thicker, while I add a little extra orange juice for my kids
who like a thinner consistency better. It is completely up to you!
Pour into two tall glasses, and serve immediately!

Smoothie: Papaya-Orange-RaspberryIf you have never tried papayas, you are missing out on the bountiful health benefits this powerful fruit has to offer. It is low in calories, and therefore fits into any healthy lifestyle, without having to worry about adding any extra pounds.

Papaya is known to lower blood pressure, and eases respiratory distress, while it’s juice works wonders for menstrual problems and clarifies the skin, freeing it from acne. If you are around a lot of smokers, this wonderful and tasty fruit will aid you in clearing your airways from the negative effects of second-hand smoke.





Papaya enzymes, like these chewable tablets from American Health, are a great digestive aid, that should be taken after each meal, to optimize your digestive track.

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What is your favorite way to include papaya into your diet?



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