In this pot, I stir to the sun an’ follow the rule of harming none Banishment of bane when going widdershin’s And with water and salt negativity is cleansed Household duties are more then chores Magick abounds when mopping floors With this broom I do sweep To clean my houseRead More →

Picture this: A relaxing evening of quiet reading at home. Children are behaving at their best, playing on their various electronic devices in harmony. Then all of a sudden, the silence is disturbed by drumming. Nothing against drumming. Hey I am Pagan, I love drum circles, and I used toRead More →

Chronos – A Flash Fiction She was his pride and joy. Having spend more time with her then with his own family, the Chronos was a marvelous piece of machinery, defying anything he had been brought up to believe technology could do. At least until he stumbled across the sadRead More →

  Home – A Flash Fiction Terry took a deep breath, pulling into the drive way.Uncomfortable in the dress that reached below her knees, she shuddered at the expectations of what waited for her in that large home of her family. Terry would have avoided coming home even longer, butRead More →

26 despair scars humanities heart lost 26 lives one lone bomb senseless wasted lives broken dreams only sorrow left why war waged I’ll never understand no winners Copyright Claudia H. Blanton 2014Read More →

Today’s daily prompt took me by surprise and a little off guard. Write the blurb for the book jacket of the book you’d write, if only you had the time and inclination. Photographers, artists, poets: show us BOOKS. Having been focused so much on getting at least 75000 words onRead More →