Organizing Your Home: YouCopia Spice Steps + Giveaway!

I received the Youcopia spice steps for free in return for an honest review. All opinions are mine!

I love working with herbs and spices, so much so, that I have written an entire book about making spice mixes. But because I have so many of them, it can get hard to keep all of the spices, mixed as well as store bought organized and my kitchen cabinets clutter free.

Thankfully Youcopia offers tools, such as an awesome spice step that makes it a lot easier to stay organized, no matter how small or large your space is. Our new apartment has plenty of cabinet space, but even in those ideal situations, our spice area was not optimal.


With the help of the easy to assemble spice steps, however, I was able to transform my area in a matter of minutes.

After Spice Steps



What I love about the spice steps is, that they fit into just about any cabinet space, and left me with enough room to place my taller items next to it, such as my salt container.


The stickers you see attached however are not for someone who uses their spices as often as we do, because they don’t stick quite as well as I would like them to, so I will replace them in the near future with the labels from the label maker, that I am awaiting in the mail right now.

Still, overall, I adore the functionality of this product. It is simple, kept in white, which obviously fits with everything, and it helped me get some control over my store bought spices and spice mixes. I keep my own spice mixes in the pantry, but I will showcase those another time. You can find YouCopia’s product on Amazon. 

And because the people at Youcopia are just simply awesome, I am able to share with you a giveaway, for your chance to win your own Youcopia products. How great is that!

Simply enter below before June 26th, 2017, for your chance to win.

Best of luck to all who enter!


Win one Youcopia product of your choice #6


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