New Look, New Host, New Everything, And Coffee

New Beginnings

The following is a Weekend Coffee Share Blog Post – you can share some coffee with us here!

Finally, I found a host for my website that I can live with. After my Wix fiasco earlier this year, I am happy to have found a WordPress hosting site for me.
While I am still working on the theme, adding and revising some details over the next few days, and maybe even changing the theme, I am relieved that the part I had previously no idea about, is done.

Switching from one host to another is always a gamble.

But not only did I change this site over to SiteRubix, I also took the step to separate this site into two.
Avalon Media, is and will continue to be about positive living, wellness and lifestyle (and of course, tea), while my new site “Miss Fiercely Independent” will be more about the money making aspects of life – such as making money selling your art, monetizing your blog, social media marketing, and the many other aspects of creating a passive income. Geared mainly toward women, I want to foster a culture of financial independence, so you do not have to experience the same as I have in the past.


Dreams Are The Results Of A Million Choices


I am going to also be hanging out more on Wealthy Affiliate, working on becoming an Ambassador to others who want to create passive income streams.
What will I do as a Wealthy Affiliate Ambassador? I offer assistance and feedback for those new to building a website, including constructive website feedback, and will be sharing some tutorials and classes soon. You can visit my profile here

Mondays here on Avalon-Media are going to be dedicated to cruelty-free living. I will either post vegan recipes, cookbook reviews (vegan and/or vegetarian), and reviews on products, foods, and services that are cruelty-free. If you have a suggestion of something that is vegan and cruelty-free I should check out, drop me a comment below.

I am excited for the next few months, looking forward to sharing more of what I am passionate about, and serving you. Plans and timelines might change again – as live happens, and opportunities arise, but I am okay with that, because with every non-fulfilled plan, and failed effort come new lessons and new opportunities that are often bigger and better than the ones before.

Question: Which plan have you made that you are happy that it did not work out at the end? What did you learn from that change of plan?



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