My Safe Place – A Haiku

lost in the pages
embraced by the floating song
of words, I am safe

Copyright Claudia H. Blanton 2017

What is your safe place, the one space where you can escape from the tension and pressures of the day, and be you, just you, and be still? Is it an activity that brings you in the state of loving-kindness, or do you have a particular physical space, such as an area of your home, that makes you feel at ease?

I am an advocate of finding this one place (or more than one, if possible), that gives you a chance to regenerate. Choose an activity or area in your life, and make it yours, and only yours. The creation of a sanctuary, an Oasis, can alleviate stress, gives you space for regeneration, and through that can become the place where ideas can flow, which in turn can allow you to create the life of your dreams.



P.S. This post is a Daily Prompt post, based on the prompt: “Oasis” – A Safe Place



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