My Emergency Snack Kit Essentials – My Three Favorites

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I am sure you know those days, when you have more to do, then there is time, and hunger strikes you out of nowhere, pulling you toward whatever you have handy at the moment. Now, these moments can lead us either to grab something that is not optimal for our health, or – if you are prepared for those times, like I am (most of the time, at least) – you can grab some satisfying, filling, and yummy options that are good for you, but are just as easy to reach for as the unhealthy donut, or crumbly cookie.


Here are my three favorite snack items, I always have handy:

The following list is completely vegan!

  1. My Emergency Snack Kit Essentials – My Three FavoritesGoMacro Bars. These awesome bars come in so many flavors, that it is almost impossible to choose a favorite, but the upside is, that it is also impossible to get bored with these bars. There is something for everyone. These clean bars are thick, chewy, and filled with many goodies, but not with soy, and are all non-GMO, which makes me very happy, indeed. With eleven flavors, you can’t beat the variety, but I think I am currently addicted to the Morning Harvest bar, which is Apple and Walnuts, with the perfect hint of cinnamon, oh so yum! You can get these bars at Trader Joe’s, via Amazon, or directly from their website (Pro-Tip – go for the sampler kit, which will allow you to try every one of their eleven flavors!)
  2. Skinny Pop Popcorn – these emergency situations are not always satisfied by something sweet, and when I want something savory, I rather grab for these skinny pop popcorn. I like the cheese version, and again, it is vegan, so I don’t have to worry about keeping extra or different snacks around for my vegan daughter, or my vegetarian son. It makes us all smile.
  3. Homemade Trail Mix – I always have a jar filled with trail mix in the house, but because some of those store-bought mixes, are very unhealthy, filled with anything from M&M’s, to candy covered fruits and nuts, I make my own. My favorite recipe at the moment is a little indulgent, but sweet enough to satisfy my cravings for chocolate is my White Decadence Trail MixI shared this recipe in a previous post on this blog, you can find it here
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Healthy snack options are a huge part of my intuitive eating process. I get busy, I get hungry, and in order to stay centered and in a space of loving-kindness, I need to be properly fueled. Keeping healthy and convenient snack options available that will satisfy, and even feel somewhat indulgent, is a must. All three of these options can come with me in my purse, are not messy, and easy to prepare (or to just keep around). Convenience is a huge part of being able to stick with a healthy lifestyle. The more I have to hunt, or work for a snack, the more likely I am to reach for something that will not make me feel at my best.

For more about healthy eating check out the following post: Learn To Eat Again – Mindful Eating And Intuitive Eating – An Introduction

Happy and Healthy Snacking!


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